My Favorite PSP RPG Games

This gadget was a gift to my son from my Papa, but I also couldn’t get enough of it. I don’t know if other parents my age are also into this but here are some games that I liked that you may also want to try out.

1. God of War: Chains of Olympus

This game definitely tops my list! My husband, son, and I first played it on our PS2 and we loved it. When we played Chains of Olympus, we couldn’t put it down. My husband, Ronald was able to finish the game, so we were able to unlock some of the costumes. I had a blast playing Kratos as the Spud of War!

2. Patapon

In Patapon, you rule a group of eyeball warriors who would only move and fight if you know how to play the music right. You need to listen well and know how to follow the rhythm. I absolutely love the catchy beat. Patapons are cute and adorable! You definitely should have this in your PSP! Pon-pon-patapon!

3.  Sid Meier’s Pirates

Har! Sail the mighty seas and be your very own Jack Sparrow! With this game you can choose your own ending. Its very easy to control and also entertaining for kids. I liked this because I don’t always have to follow the story. You can just explore the seas and start blasting all the passing ships, hehehe!

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4. Final Fantasy Crisis Core

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I was one of the early fans of Final Fantasy VII when it was released on PS1 way way back then. I was still in college when I got hooked with Cloud and Sephiroth. Crisis Core is like a prequel to FFVII and I love it! The graphics are better. You still get to fight monsters, and you will even get to fight alongside Sephiroth. Just look at the MAKO-infused eyes of Zack Fair…haaay, isn’t he a dream?


5. Jeanne D’arc

You would probably guess by now that i’m a sucker for RPG games. Jeanne D’arc was released initially in Japan around November 2006, and August 2007 in the US. But still, this is one of the PSP games that still receive good reviews. It is based on the story of Joan of Arc but with a twist. There are demons and magical powers to make the game interesting. Playing this game is like playing Chess, you need to have a strategy or else your enemies will pound you to pieces. The game is turn-based, you make your move first, then its your enemies turn. Knowing where to put the right characters, and what kind of attack they should do is very important. If you do intend to play this game, make sure you try to level up in between stages because you will never know when you will meet a tough battle.

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There you go! This is currently my 5 favorite RPG games in PSP.  The other games that we have are Ironman, burnout legends, ace combat, killzone, luxor, medal of honor, metal gear acid2, socom, tekken, virtua tennis, sims2 pets, tony hawk project 8, Yu-Gi-Oh, scrabble, pinball, and shouten beat. We love our PSP!


12 thoughts on “My Favorite PSP RPG Games

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  2. Since I don’t own a PSP (I have a PS2) I’ve never played some of these games, but if you like these games, you might enjoy the X-Men games out there too.

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  4. psp rules but my games actually get boring by the middle of it i’m a role player too but an old school typ final fantasy 7-11 for ps 1 were my fav. for psp kindom hearts was ok but got boring once. prince of of percia is also good but i crave for rpg will someone please tell me a good game that will rock my world and can be downloaded online

  5. Ignore my score for a moment, please, because it doesn’t really mean much. Looking at the scores already here on, I completely understand and can agree with most of them. As such, it’s hard to really place a score on this new device. Honestly, I don’t think there’s been such a contentious electronic device launch like the PSP Go in…well, recent memory…

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