Wall.e psp game sucks

I am still currently playing Jeanne D’arc and after 3 tries I finally managed to get the Dauphin crowned (what a weakling!) It was frustrating going over and over the same battle scene again, but nothing could be more frustrating than playing Wall.e!

I have nothing against Wall.e, I love the movie which was why I was so excited to play the game, but Wall.e on psp is a different matter. After playing a few levels or so, I simply gave up. My son, Gabriel is a pro when it comes to manuevering the controls on his psp, but this is the first time that I saw him driven to tears because he couldn’t get Wall.e to jump the next ledge. I tried it myself and it was really frustrating. Its very difficult to control Wall.e using the psp joystick. And when you “die”, you have to start back from the last save point, which is a loooong way back.

I think my nephew was able to finish this game, but he has the patience of a saint. You can try it for yourself if you want, but I really wont recommend it.


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