Eheads: Putting out the cigarette flame

I found out today that the Eraserheads “FREE” Reunion Concert (which was suppossed to be sponsored by a tobacco giant) will not be free anymore and you will have to pay P800 – P1300, to get tickets to watch the show. The concert will be this Saturday, August 30, 2008 at the Bonifacio Global City Open Field in Taguig. and it will now be organized by Sony BMG Philippines.

There was a lot of pressure from government agencies when the news came out that the Philippines very own “Beatles” will be having a reunion concert sponsored by an international tobacco company. Anti-tobacco advocates fought hard to make the government listen and stop this from happening. A respected journalist/blogger was even flooded with angry comments from Eraserhead fans for making such a big deal on who was sponsoring this concert. Why, I even received an angry comment for writing about it here in my blog! It seems that there are still a lot of people who find it hard to understandthat we are not against Eheads, just the monster using them.

I have nothing against smokers, I am only against the idea of having a tobacco company using a well loved band to peddle their deadly product. Now that their “fire” is put out, I’ll be a lot happier knowing that someday my nine year old son will not associate Eraserheads with cigarettes. And he happens to love listening and singing along to “Pare ko” too!

I wonder how many were “fooled” to sign up for the redlist. And how many more “faked” their age or “lied” that they smoked just to get a ticket. If I was in their shoes I would really be pissed off…why I may even boycott their product for letting me believe I was “in”, and then suddenly finding out 3 days before the concert that I am thrown out.

“di ba langhiya! Nag-mukha akong tanga, pinaasa nya lang ako, letseng M…… to! oowohoohh!

It would have been better if the tickets were not too pricey! And what will happen if it rains? We will just have to find out…


3 thoughts on “Eheads: Putting out the cigarette flame

  1. If 800 and 1,300 is already too pricey for you then what could you prossibly say if Radiohead did not lower down the cost of the tickets from the original 1,050 and 2,060? I thought you wanted Marlboro to disassociate themselves from this event who offered a free pass? So don’t complain if you cannot afford a PRICEY ticket!

    If people choose to lie to get some petty ticket then they’re the ones who truly suck! I mean, I myself don’t smoke and if I want to live up to my principles then wouldn’t indulge to participate in a cigarette event. That’s how simple it should be for all the non-smokers like me.

    And I think you are not an Eheads fan because if you are then you wouldn’t be bothered if it rains on Saturday. A true rocker would enjoy a wet rockin’night.

  2. I guess you are the “expert” on who or what a “fan” should be. I am not complaining about the ticket prices,nor am I complaining about the weather.We live in the Philippines, It always rains this time of the year! Evidently, your little brain didn’t understand that I was writing about the fact that the Eraserheads, just like Alicia Keys, chose not to associate themselves with a cigarette brand.

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