Eraserheads Forever

The Eraserheads Reunion concert was a hit! I wasn’t able to watch it since I was home with the kids, but eventhough it ended abruptly when vocalist Ely Buendia was rushed to Makati Med, it was a concert worth watching! We all hope Ely Buendia will quickly recover, and I just want to applaud a job well done to Raimund Marasigan, Buddy Zabala, and Marcus Adoro! Thank you Sir Nicolay for the wonderful link and the pictures that will remind us all that Eraserheads will live on! I am kinda hoping that this won’t be the last that they will perform together, we love them too much for them to stay quiet after this.

for SirNicolay’s pictures please click here and here for the video of the intro

here is a sample of their performance at the concert singing: Huwag mo nang Itanong, and Shake your head

credits go to jeckoy23 of youtube

To all my friends in Cebu, I have included the links above so you can see the magic of the Eheads.

Note: While I was making the links to the different youtube videos, my husband said in passing, “maybe now they will know you are an Eraserhead fan”. I am a fan, and my way of being a fan is by educating the next generation, my son, all about the Eraserheads. When the rage with kids is all about Daughtry, the Jonas Brothers, and all these rap singers, my son knows most of the Eheads songs by now. If you love this band, share their music, spread the word, and respect other fans.


2 thoughts on “Eraserheads Forever

  1. My 10-year old son too loves the Eheads. He was 8 months in my tummy when I attended a concert of theirs at the Fashion Cafe. I will bring him along when they get together again for their reunion “encore” concert. I hope and pray Ely recovers soon.

  2. Thanks for dropping by peachybree, I would like to bring my son along as well!(If they will allow nine-year olds to watch the concert) I wish they can do a lot more concerts, and even include other performers who can help perform their songs with them (the artists who performed for the eheads tribute concert?) That way, Ely and the guys could still take a break. Ely has an angel watching over him, he’s a good man! And we all love them too much!

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