Epileptic Seizures from Food?

A few weeks back I wrote something about how I was in denial about my son’s condition. I really felt it was a wrong diagnosis, until it happened before my very eyes.

My son had a gran mal seizure. His eyes rolled up, and only the whites are showing, he was shaking, his arms and hands were rigid, and his face was turned towards the left. Fortunately, my sister was with him when this happened, they were watching TV in the living room together with my young nephew.

I found my son lying on the floor, and I felt my heart stop when I saw my child shaking like that. It lasted for about two minutes, but it took two more minutes before he was able to sit up. All the while I was stroking his hair, his face his arms, every part of him that I could touch. His eyes scared me the most. They were rolling uncontrollably, and he said he couldn’t see anything. He felt dizzy he said, and all I could do was tell him everything will be alright.

He has no recollection of what just transpired. He was really tired after that. He didn’t sleep after the seizure. We talked about it, and I apologized for not believing him the first time. He is my only son and it scares the hell out of me. I have fears of him going outside, what if he hurts himself if he had a seizure when he is playing with his friends? He is under medication, but I don’t know if this could really control or “cure” his attacks.

Photo by Dez Magner of Ronneby, Blekinge, Sweden

I tried to analyze what could have triggered this seizure. The first incident was when he was having dinner with his other aunt, and this second time, it happened after he had dinner. I looked for answers online and read through epilepsy.com that sometimes seizures can be triggered by the food they eat. In my son’s case, it could be that he had way too much sugar.

Now this one will be hard. My son is not a fan of fruits and vegetables. He loves his cookies, and chocolate drinks. According to the people in the forum who also have epilepsy, sugar triggers their seizures. Now, how can you stop a child from eating sweets when all the food that is around him is high in sugar?

I want him to get better, and as hard as it may, I will have to slowly wean him out of his sugar addiction, and substitute fruits instead.

I am humbled by this experience and at the same time I am also worried about his future. There is a possibility that he will get better in time according to his doctor, I sure hope he will. He’s a great kid, and I love him like crazy! I draw my strength from God and I also go to online forums to know more about how other parents cope if their child has this condition as well. Prayer gives me the peace I seek, please pray for Gabby too!


4 thoughts on “Epileptic Seizures from Food?

  1. Hi, I enjoyed reading your blog. I also think like keeping children healthy is a big deal. To help avoid food poisoning it’s important to make sure the food you make for yourself and for other people is safe to eat.

  2. Dear Friends,
    I am from India, and my brother has epileptic and we have been giving medicie for the last 10 years and he doesn’t have any problem for the last 7 years and he is only getting bit shake on his left hand and may be we can call it as jerk and he is approximately getting 10 times in a day and the duration of the jerk approximately 5 seconds and we have contacted two to three Neurologist, but they are asking them to continue the tables which he is taking now and i am really worrying whether this will affect his future life and he is 28 years old and i request your help and guidence to make him alright.
    thanks in advance for making him alright

  3. Dear Raveen,

    According to my son’s neurologist, there is no guarantee that medicine alone can completely “cure” epilepsy,but the doctor is very adamant that we should continue his medication. Luckily, my son hasn’t had a seizure since the last time I made this post and I’d like to think his medicines are helping control it. The most important thing here is we show our love and let them know how much we care. Your brother is not alone in this, there are millions all over the world who share the same condition. Do visit http://www.epilepsy.com for more information.Take Care!

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