Barack Obama’s long lost brother?

My Cebu-based friend Honey sent me an email about Barack Obama’s long lost brother. I thought this was a strategy by the McCain team to divert all the attention being thrown to his VP Sarah Palin. According to Honey, Obama’s brother has a striking resemblance to him, and also dreams of becoming a politician someday. This so-called brother is very active in sports, boxing in particular, and has a passion for knocking down Mexicans.

If news of this leaks out to the media, I wonder if Larry King can ask him for an interview.

Here is the photograph of Barack’s long lost brother.

He looks a lot like the boxer “Manny Pacquiao” huh?


One thought on “Barack Obama’s long lost brother?

  1. Hi alisa,
    U really post Obama brod.
    Its my first time to read ur blog here,very interesting.
    U really write good!
    Regards,miss u.

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