Survival of the Fittest

Merrill got Lynched, who’s next?

It’s gonna be a rough day in the US stock market a few hours from now, more so for the employees at Merrill when office starts at 8AM.

Bank of America has acquired Merrill Lynch for $29 a share, or $43.5 billion and some say the Lehman Brothers is not too far behind.

During my stint at the Philippine Stock Exchange, although I wasn’t involved with trading, I was always curious about how the market was doing and was intrigued at the rise and fall of the stock prices. Financial Institutions play a big part on the economy, no one wants to lose big in the stock market and most of the time, they do lend out a hand or negotiate on how to keep things afloat. I have a lot of faith in the flexibility of the US economy,  however I was really surprised when I woke up and saw the news. A lot of people will be losing their jobs for this. I sure hope the acquisition of Merrill Lynch will turn things around financial market.


Less Pollution in UP Diliman

Kudos to the UP mountaineers for initiating UP Padyak,  Alex Villafania features this in his blog at the Inquirer.

According to Alex,

the UP Padyak is a project that promotes the use of bicycles as the primary method of transportation within the huge campus. The project was started by UP Mountaineers who want to encourage students to live healthier lifestyles, and help conserve the environment by reducing the use of smoke-belching vehicles that deplete the ozone layer. Bicycles are rented to the enrolled students per semester after a payment of P500 to the UP Mountaineers organization.

Despite the oil price rollback from major oil companys, there is still no talk of any fare rollback. And what better way to save on fuel, and also save the environment but by riding your own bicycle to school. Hopefully, MMDA would add more bicycle lanes in the city. If you want to really stretch your peso until the next payday, you have to learn to bike 🙂



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