About finding your road

I got my first pay yesterday from my freelance gig, and its such a wonderful feeling! It’s an affirmation of your worth: reaping the fruits of your labor.

I often have doubts about the road that I have chosen. I have become so used to being an “employee”, learning how to fit in the “office culture”, understanding the politics behind every project proposal etc. that I have forgotten about the “I”. What the “I” is all about.

Sometimes, I would find myself in a job or a situation where I would almost say “this is it, this is what I have always wanted to do all my life”, then something comes along and makes me think twice. It really makes you wonder, what the heck is life all about?

When I woke up this morning, still reeling from a dream that I cannot remember, ( I knew my dream was sending me a messgae about the questions in my head, however I cannot for the life of me remember what it was) I went online to see what piece of wisdom my guru, Paulo Coelho, had to say about today. And true enough, I saw his post: In search of the lost path. (You really have to hand it to all the angels looking out for me, even they seem to know their way on the web)

Paulo Coelho talks about having the courage to follow our own path. And this means not allowing other people, or yourself to sway you from your goal:

If what you are following is the path of your dreams, commit yourself to it. Don’t leave the back door open with excuses: “this still isn’t quite what I wanted.” This sentence – heard so often – contains the seed of defeat.

Embrace your path. Even if you need to take uncertain steps, constantly destroy and build, even if you know you can do better than at present. If you accept the possibilities of the present, you will certainly improve in the future.

And so this is how I will start my week, I will embrace this path, constantly building and destroying myself if I have to, so that I could be someone my kids, my husband, and even myself, will be proud of someday. *sigh* It was raining hard when I was writing this little drama, but now that I’m almost done, the rain stopped and I can see the sun shining once again.

Have a great week everyone! Here is a little song for all of you: Follow your road by Pauline Wilson


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