How China scared the world

China is in the news again, and breaking records for the country with the most product scandals: from children’s lead-laced toys, defective Starbucks Fusion Coffee Mugs, deadly pet food, toothpaste and canned goods, and now toxic milk products.

China’s recent product scandal has scared the beejeezus out of the entire international community. Countries like the Bangladesh, Brunei, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Iran, France, South Korea, Burundi, Kenya, Gabon, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and Canada have pulled out and banned Chinese dairy products from their grocery shelves. I for one am scared because my son and husband are big milk drinkers, but this is not just the canned milk or milk in cartons we are talking about, there are also ice creams, bread, cookies, chocolates, etc. that may have been tainted with this milk.

I live in the Philippines, in a country flooded by Chinese products, and Chinese merchants. Most of us have no clue if Chinese manufacturers are honest when they say they do not use Chinese milk for their ice creams, bread, candies, or chocolates. Up to now, we do not have a list of the products that may or may not contain melamine.

So I surfed the internet today to look for a list of banned Chinese dairy products,

but in my search only one thing is certain, they are not just banning specific brands, but almost ALL dairy products made by China. The deadly ingredient Melamine can cause reproductive damage, or bladder or kidney stones. The effects are not immediate, so we have no idea if the milk we are drinking now is toxic or not, but if we do get sick from buying their products, will the Chinese government pay for our medical bills? Can we sue them for exporting deadly milk products?

Chinese officials knew about this before the Olympics and had kept the news from leaking out. Imagine all the tourists who went to China and bought Chinese milk, ate Chinese chocolates, candies, and what have you…oh my!


I bought a pack of Oreo’s today, and on the box it says “Product of Indonesia”. Although Kraft officials say their milk is from Australia, I couldn’t help but worry if it is really safe to buy Oreos now. Im still thinking if I should return this to the grocery and buy a local brand instead.


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