plugged love??

plugged love??

Originally uploaded by yoshiko314

I was inspired to blog about this photo by yoshiko314, one of my contacts in Flickr, because I think I now have roughly around 800 friends in Flickr from photographers all over the world. And I have received a lot of love from the amateur photos me and my husband have taken in our escapades.

The people I call friends have all grown up, moved to a different city/country, and are raising families of their own. The only way we get in touch is through the internet: instant messaging, email, friendster,facebook etc. And It makes me happy when I see their latest uploaded photos, or when they let me in on the latest buzz in Cebu. It may not be as gratifying as being there in front of them, but it still makes my heart glad.

It makes the world seem a little smaller, knowing you can easily talk to someone in Japan, Indonesia, India or Afrika just by going online. When I look at the photos from my contacts in Flickr, I have a glimpse of their life, the food they eat, their friends, their adorable pets, and I think to myself, we are not so different after all.

So im sending out my love to all the friends I made out there. Thank you for making this world a little brighter 🙂


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