A very memorable place: Cebu Provincial Capitol

This is where I met RTC Judge Simeon Dumdum last January 25, 2006.

This is where we tied the knot.

I remember how he looked at us and asked, “Nagtanan ba kayong dalawa?” (Did you two elope?)

“Hindi po Judge!” (No)

Then he quickly looked at our documents as if to check if we can be legally married. He gave some fatherly advice to us as well, to have a church wedding and have the churchs blessing. After a quick ceremony, we were pronounced “man and wife”

When something is really meant to happen, if it is Fate that wills it, everything will fall in its right place.

I married a man who drives me nuts. I rarely lose my temper but he seems to get a kick out of irritating me. And the funny thing is, when I start yelling at him, I feel like laughing at the same time. I cant stay angry even if I want to.

Marriage is not so complicated if you think about it. You just need to yell sometimes if he/she is so annoyingly stubborn, laugh a lot, talk often, and most of all give lots and lots of hugs and kisses. And it also helps if you both like to sing karaoke 🙂


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