Blog Action Day 2008 – Poverty

Today, I join thousands of bloggers all over the world to talk about poverty. I know what poverty is like, I’ve lived it and I’ve learned a lot from it.

My father had to work in a different country so he could give us a comfortable life. He worked in the middle east, laboring under the scorching sun so we could get the best education that money could buy. He worked hard, but times were also tough back then, everyone thought we were doing fine. I thought we were doing fine as well, till there came a point when we only had to eat rice, salt, and mollasses for weeks.

I learned to borrow money from friends, and bring home food I bought at a canteen. I remember Christmas with no food on the table and that we had to eat at our neighbors house. I didn’t understand why we were poor back then, I only knew I had to do something to survive. I worked at a local fastfood when I was 17, I had to lie about my age to get the job but I’m glad I did because it meant food on the table.

With the economic crisis gripping the world today, I often think about how other people are coping with this. I am slowly going through some of the stuff we no longer need, but can still be used by other families, and saving a little money as well to donate to charity. Poverty is real, but we can still fight it.


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