Making a SMART choice

OMG! It feels like I’ve been out for decades since my last post here. I blame it all on Globe Telecom’s inept customer service. My bundled landline and broadband will not be fixed for a month because the “problem” is with the cables running from the main phone switch going to our house (which is sooo far away). They have to install a whole new set of cable line to our house but because of this, I was forced to think of other ways to get online again.

I definitely do not want to deal with Globe again, so I thought of it’s competitor, Smart. It turned out that I made a “smart” choice after all. As you can see, I am now back online!

I thank Smartbro for getting me connected! I am so happy because we have great signals in our area. The download speed is fast and I was able to catch up on my Heroes episode 6&7! And the best thing about it is I’m working again!

For just P2800, you can get the prepaid Smartbro kit (which includes the P400 worth of Internet connectivity). The usb dongle is small and you can bring it along with you. And you can go to any Smart reloading station to load your Smartbro account. No need to sign any documents, no contracts to tie you down…a really sweet deal!

Just the other day I was emailing my woes on the vagaries of technology to Sozein, when I found out she was also using Smartbro. Wow! I belong! (tee hee :P)

I personally recommend using Smartbro. However, you have to check first if you have 3G signals in your area before you consider buying one. I don’t have a 3G phone, so I asked our neighbors if we have 3G signals here. They told me the 3G is weak and I only have 1-2 bars of HDSPA signals in my Smartbro, but that is enough to give me download speeds in bit torrent for 80-84kbps.

Am I happy with it? You bet I am! I am not being paid by Smartbro for this, I just want to let y’all know that sometimes when things don’t go the way you want them, it only means something better is bound to come up soon.


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