What are you having for Christmas?

Christmas is slowly creepin in. The orange and black halloween decorations are tucked away, and the red and green’s are in fashion once again. The pipe in music at shopping malls is blasting Christmas Carols and everywhere you see bazaars and pre-Christmas sales popping up. Is it really wise to spend all that money at the mall?

Here in the Philippines, I rely on Divisoria for my Christmas shopping. Prices are sooo cheap, although it is very difficult and dangerous to shop there if you are not paying close attention to your wallet or bag. Its just a quick trip from the Santolan-Recto LRT2 line but I can buy some really great gifts or clothes for me and my family in Divisoria.

Aside from shopping, you also have to think of what food to make for Christmas. I definitely do not want another carbo overload. However, my sister seems to favor the cholesterol-rich foods we have been taught to eat for years. It’s a good thing I can count on Foodista to help me think of ways to make a healthy holiday spread this year.

Plan your Christmas meals in advance, save for your holiday budget, and also think of how you can “recycle” your leftover so ¬†nothing goes to waste.

How about you? What are you having for Christmas?


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