Still want some SPAM?

It was in the Inquirer News today, Spam Lite has maggots!


Eeeew…just this week(this Monday I think) my hubby fixed some of that for dinner…sooo gross!

According to the article, the refectorian (the one in charge of the seminary dining hall…like Jack Black in Nacho Libre) started screaming inside the kitchen. When one of the priests came to investigate, he saw for himself the can of Spam Lite (with an expiry date of August 2011). He saw the tiny maggots squirming inside this “Crazy Tasty” can.

I think I see SPAM maggots in your plate...

No wonder Spam Lite is lite! MAGGOTS have LESS FAT, FEWER CALORIES, and of course LESS SODIUM! Maggots and worms die when exposed to salt right?

Now we know the secret ingredient to their signature recipe.

NOTE : Jack Black is one of my favorite actors, and as far as I know he did not serve any SPAM meat in Nacho Libre. I wrote this post to dissuade all of you from eating SPAM or any canned meat from now on. Eat healthy, be healthy!


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