Comin’ round the mountain

LIving in the city, you get tired of the usual haunts: the mall, the local market, the nearby park…it really gets boring. Today, my huz took me on a quick joyride, just an hour away from our place, to an overlooking point at Baras, Rizal.

Where is Baras, Rizal? It’s somewhere north of Metro Manila, way past Antipolo, and “almost” a heartbeat away from Quezon province. My husband said it was a shortcut to Quezon. We were planning to go to Quezon one of these days, and I think when I was young, we used to take that route before, but now the roads are so much better. I did notice that there were still no lamp posts out there, which is why it would be safer if you traveled during the day. Red, our Yamaha Nuovo motorcyle, was in great condition that day. He was purring like a big cat, we had no problems cruising around the mountains.

Here are some of the shots I took from ourv China-made NOKLA camera phone(an imitation of Nokia). I only use it because you can listen to FM radio stations on it, however, up on the mountains, it was useless…well, not totally useless…since we were still able to get these shots.


Me and my healthy Huz


some folks have already made this home


and this is how it looks like up there


One thought on “Comin’ round the mountain

  1. hi..i grew up in pque but now im leaving for almost 3 yrs in baras,rizal bcoz of my nga ng mga friends ko malau dw,.at frst,hndi ko maciado gus2 kc nla2yuan dn ako pro later on mejo nsnay na dn ako..fresh air compare to manila..

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