Singing like a songbird in low keys

Warning: Thumbbook has been possessed by her Regine-Velasquez-fanatic-alter-ego!

Indulge me on this one, I am a HUGE fan of Regine Velasquez,and her album “low key” is out in the market!

photo from www.reginemultimedia.comphoto from

We bought her CD (Huz knows I’m a huge fan of hers and he bought it for me) and I feel like a child on Christmas day! You will find that Regine is a lot different in this album. For years I have been accustomed to her vocal prowess, her trademark ear-splitting-banshee-belting-scream is now replaced by a fairy-like gentleness and I find it so addictive! Listening to her sing is like walking inside a secret garden filled with flowers, butterflies and fairies flying around. You have to listen to her old albums and to this new one to know the difference. I find myself relaxing, and a little nostalgic as I listen to her sing the songs I grew up with.

The album is P350, roughly around $12-13 online, but it is definitely worth every penny. All her songs are in one CD, but they also included a minus-one CD (no vocals) so you can sing along (lyric sheet included) and feel like a songbird yourself. Oh yes, I definitely feel like a song bird, because this time I dont have to hit the high notes and pull my neck muscles when I imitate her singing 😛 Seriously,this is a great album! The songs in the CD are:

  1. Tell me that you love me
  2. And I love you so
  3. I’d rather leave while im in love
  4. I never dreamed someone like you (could love someone like me)
  5. no walls, no ceilings, no floors
  6. good friend
  7. how can I tell you
  8. of all the things
  9. longer
  10. at seventeen
  11. she’s always a woman
  12. never be the same
  13. strawberry fields forever
  14. weeping willows, cattails ( Orginally it was pussywillows, cattails…maybe she doesnt want to say “pussy”?)
  15. Leader of the band
  16. Walk in love
  17. Clouds across the moon (My favorite!)
  18. Christmas is (with Jim Brickman)

Sometimes, you can feel that she is about to do her aria…but nah…she would hold back, control the passion in her voice, and its just a wonderful feeling…a little like being carried by the waves on the beach. *sigh*

I became a fan of Regine a few years back because I felt in her songs the longing one has for that ONE GREAT LOVE! Just like Regine, it took me a lot of tears, heartaches, and a lot of time waiting and hoping for the ONE. Singing with the old Regine was my catharsis for all the frustrations that I’ve had with the relationships I’ve had.  And isn’t it fabulous that we both have found the ONE we’ve been wanting for so long. Her voice now when she sings is filled with that peace, that contentment one finds when you finally find LOVE in this world.

You don’t have to wait until Valentine’s day to sing and listen to lovesongs. If you cant find Regine’s album abroad you can always buy it online. It’s a great holiday gift! Regine Rocks! Listen to her here:


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