A little devil in disguise

This is Gabby, adorable little bugger…always trying to make me laugh.


Yesterday I fetched my son from school to find him in the clinic with an icepack on his face. The clinic staff said he was slapped in the face and pushed to the floor by three (3) girls from his class (ouch). I immediately talked to his teacher to try and find out what happened. Turns out she didnt have a clue, and the perpetrators were nowhere in sight. So we decided she would talk to the kids and find out what happened tomorrow.

I asked my son if he had done something bad, because girls just wouldnt spank you without a reason. Predictably, he feigned innocence, but I could somehow sense he was hiding things from me.

Today I found out from 2 of the 3 girls who spanked him that he threatened to kiss them if they will not quit harassing him. (My son has always been bullied by girls, he would punch a boy in the face, but never lay a finger on a girl) My sister, who has always been very protective of my son, talked to these girls and “warned” them not to hurt Gabby again.

Now this should have ended with this, but his teachers when they found out I was Gabby’s mom, soon started complaining of Gabby being too rowdy inside the classroom, and refusing to do his projects and submitting his assignments.

I couldn’t believe it! I would always check on his notebooks and ask him if he had an assignment or not. I had no idea he was deliberately trying not to write on his notebook. I was so furious! He is using his epilepsy to scare teachers, but when their backs are turned, he is playing or talking to his seatmate.

I can almost feel my hair turning white at the thought of him flunking this semester!


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