When I was in grade school, I always looked forward to the educational tours we had. Today was my son’s educational trip and he was so excited! The itinerary was to visit: Bio Research, Philippine Air Force Museum, Museo ng Katipunan (San Juan), and SM Science Discovery Center.


I’ve uploaded most of the pictures at my Thumbbook Tumblr account

It was a great day, no dark clouds in sight, which was good since last week we’ve been getting a lot of rain. I had a great time as well. Gabby’s classmates were noisy, but that is just how kids are. Sometimes I had to restrain Gabby from being too boisterous. But he was often too distracted to pay attention to what I was saying.


When we got home and I was unpacking all the stuff in my backpack, Gabby came up to me and said:  “ang sarap mo kasama Mommy!” ( I had a great time with you Mommy!) *sigh* making memories like this is precious. Don’t you feel that sometimes TV, video games, and your child’s friends mean more to them than you? I’m glad I had this time with him.

Best Day Ever!



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