What’s your Noche Buena?

It’s Christmas next week, and I can’t believe how crowded the supermarket and malls are. I wanted to do some grocery shopping, but the lines were soooo long that I had to cancel and re-schedule my visit to the supermarket.

One of the things that I look forward to on Christmas is Noche Buena! Noche Buena is the feast we have on Christmas Eve. After attending the Misa de Gallo, we gather round the dining table with family and friends to eat. Children can stay up late and open their gifts after noche buena. When we were kids, we would go to our neighbors house, bring our christmas presents to them and share in their feast as well. We usually sleep at around 2 or 3AM.

I’m still planning on what I would have for Noche Buena.  I see a lot of people buying ham…purefoods ham. It’s okay I guess, but here in the Philippines, the best hams for me is Excellente in Quiapo

Photo by Gita Asuncion/gitaasuncion.blogspot.com

Photo by Gita Asuncion/gitaasuncion.blogspot.com

or Adelina’s ham in Mandaluyong.

They now have a branch in Greenhills Virramall.

swedishchef2I’m still new to this cooking thing. I’ll probably just whip up some easy recipes from Foodista. But because we have kids in the house, Huz and I will make Spaghetti-Filipino style.

I love Spaghetti. Italian-style or Filipino style, I just love pasta.

The difference with Filipino spaghetti is it’s a little sweet. We use equal amounts of spaghetti sauce and banana catsup to make this delicious sauce. I also add in some liver, ground liver or the canned liver spread will do. It really makes a difference. Well, whatever your Christmas feast is, what is important is to enjoy it and share it with your loved ones.

Let me leave you with a video from Komikero on how to make Filipino Style Spaghetti 🙂


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