Dignity and Justice for us all

While making the rounds across different foodblogs, I came across a post by the Kitchen Mage. Last December 10 was the 60th anniversary of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but still whenever you read the papers, or watch the news, there is still so much hunger and suffering in the world.

The songs blasting on the radio tells us that it’s the season to be “merry”, how can you be happy if your tummy is grumbling and you don’t know where to find your next meal? How can you enjoy that $100 (or P100)meal when there is a child out there hungry and cold?

This Christmas where food and gifts are a-plenty, take the time and think about other people who are not as fortunate as you. You can make a donation to Bantay Bata 163 or you can feed a child through Marissa’s Kitchen: the pinayfreelunch.org.

Marissa’s Kitchen is a non-profit, children’s charity organization based in North Carolina, USA with its program beneficiaries in Cebu, Philippines. It is aimed to promote well-being among children, committing itself to helping them develop the different aspects of their life. It is also dedicated to working with the communities where children are often neglected and suffering because of poverty.

At present, the Free Lunch Program is the heart of Marissa’s Kitchen. It provides free lunch to hundreds of school children in Daanbantayan municipality of Cebu Province in the Philippines. It was launched two years ago and has just started its feeding activities for the school year 2008-2009. Now on its third year, the organization hopes to expand and extend the provision of free lunch to the children of other schools in the Philippines.

Give some love this Christmas, not just with your family and immediate friends, but share your blessings to the homeless and make someone happy. I am grateful to the people who gave me work. They helped me provide for my family and share what I have to those who need it the most. Feeding and helping people..now this is what you call Christmas!


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