Foodista Launched

Just wanted to share with y’all that one of my fave blogs, Foodista, had officially launched their online food and cooking encyclopedia! got the scoop on the launch with an article on the Foodista founders, Barnaby Dorfman and Sheri Wetherell.

photo by Scott Ecklund/

There are a lot of online cookbooks, and blogs that show how a recipe is made. But the problem is you have to flip through all sorts of different websites/blogs to look for a recipe that will suit you. And sometimes you just don’t know what the ingredients look like or what “brining” means. Foodista aims to be the one-stop-shop for that. A place where you can check out recipes, cooking techniques, uploaded videos to bring all the foodie community together! Isn’t that great?


I discovered their blog a few months ago and I’ve been a fan eversince. Food brings people from different races and different walks of life together. From simple dishes to gourmet meals. Now even if you are in Africa, Japan, Dubai, Singapore or the Philippines, you can share your favorite recipe to the rest of the world and with Foodista’s launch, you can even win $100 just for sharing a recipe!

I’m looking for Mom’s secret recipes so I can join. One recipe=1 entry. The more recipes you send, the more chances of winning! (Eeeps, I sound just like a TV commercial, lol)

Do check out Foodista…it’s really great!


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