Finding Christmas

santaI can’t believe that I didn’t go to Divisoria this Christmas season! Tomorrow, December 24th is officially “Christmas”, in “my calendar”. I just realized that I didn’t go SHOPPING! OMG! Me not shopping for gifts on Christmas? Actually, I did try to go shopping, but with the long queues, the noise and Huz complaining about moms constantly bumping him. I really didn’t get the chance to think about what to give my nephews and godchildren. To save ourselves from the stress, we’ve agreed to just give cash gifts. This way, they can buy the gift they want themselves. (I hope so!)

I’ve been thinking lately on the reason why some people hate the holidays. I think that Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas if you haven’t really worked for something “charitable”. If all you’ve been doing from January to December is think about yourself and complain about your job (or the lack of it) instead of doing something to turn your life around, Christmas will surely suck. Christmas is like a yummy jar of cookies. You need to put something inside first, whether it be store bought or a cookie you baked yourself, you need to have something inside first! When Christmas comes, when you stick your hand inside that jar, you will know you’ll get a sweet treat!

I didn’t get to do a lot of my “tradition” for this season. I didn’t get to attend the Morning mass aka “Simbang Gabi”, I didnt visit Divisoria to scout for gifts, no carnivals, no C.O.D. display in Greenhills, but strangely enough, I’m happy!

I’m happy because the sacrifices we made meant my mom having her “wheels”, and my mom-in-law will get to see her mom in the province and spend Christmas with her.

It’s not what we think we should get that makes Christmas memorable, its making someone happy and knowing you’re the reason for that smile.

I’m also happy because an old friend, who I haven’t seen for years, dropped by last night and I was just so happy to see her! Thanks Ate Cris, you’re still the same funny you! We were supposed to stay “old maids” together, but I guess Fate had a different plan for us. Ate Cris taught me how to have fun, and what fun we had back then! It was nice to reminisce and know how far we’ve come 🙂


2 thoughts on “Finding Christmas

  1. I am not really happy with my Christmas since I am not with my family now. But I just have to make the best out of it and looking forward for the next year instead.

    Anyway, advance Merry Christmas to you and to your family.

  2. It is true that some people hate the Holiday Season … painful memories for some. But as I browse blogs and blogs I find people who celebrate Christmas in different ways: fanc or casual, with sophisticated food or with a bit here and tehre … and everywhere I read the same joy.
    So now that Christmas is past, have a Happy and Healthy 2009

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