Hello 2009

Hello 2009, Thank God 2008 is over! This is my first post for the New Year! Hope everyone had a great new years celebration.

Back here, we had a really wet new year’s eve! It rained the whole day but that didn’t stop us from lighting our firecrackers. Gabby lighted some sparklers and I just blew on my horn to make some noise. Huz was a little tipsy and immediately fell asleep when he hit the bed. We drank some Tequila, and i just found out he’s never had Tequila before 🙂 

In the Chinese Calendar 2009 is the year of the earth Ox. The nature of the Ox is said to influence how this year will unfold,a year that requires hardwork, focus, and being analytical. The Ox isn’t good for my Chinese Horoscope: the Dragon, but according to my research it might not be that bad since I’m a Fire Dragon (something about how earth and fire complements each other), I just need to temper my impulsive nature and be more cautious.

I know we still control our destiny, but it’s still good to know what to watch out for.


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