Eraserheads Reunion Concert 2 and other news on the web

Eraserheads Reunion Concert: the second coming!

Finally something we’ve all been waiting for! Reunion Concerts are only sweeter the second time around if it’s with the Eraserheads! The Concert will be held on March 7, 2009 but they are still ironing out the details for the venue! I hope it would be somewhere spacious! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for MOA (SM Mall of Asia) because of the cool sea breeze at night and you can hangout at MOA first while waiting for the concert. Hooray for Ely and the Eheads! We love you guys!


When is length is directly proportional to your success?

What “length” am I talking about? The length of your ring finger! (What were you thinking hmmm?) Look at your hand and try to see if your ring finger is longer than your index finger (pointer finger). If it’s significantly longer,you have better chances of being successful in life.

In an article at the Telegraph, Β they said that

“A study of highly pressured London traders, whose jobs requires risk taking and quick responses, found the most successful had long ring fingers in relation to their index fingers.

The trait – which is associated with higher exposure to testosterone in the womb – is thought to be linked to attributes such as confidence, risk-taking ability, extra vigilance and quick reactions.”

I remember how as a child my father would look at my fingers and tell me that I would be lucky when I grow up because I have a long ring finger. I thought he was just echoing something my grandmother used to tell me, I didn’t think that it had a scientific basis πŸ™‚ Cool!

It is true that I am a risk-taker, and in critical situations I act quickly…so, it had something to do with testosterone eh? I always thought I was meant to be a boy, did I mention that my dad thought I’d have a penis, instead I came out with a vagina. At least I had the latter, better than ending up with both πŸ™‚ (My bad, just making fun of myself)

But for those of you with short ring fingers, don’t worry! My dead Chinese grandmother said that if you’re finger looks too short, wear a lucky ring on it to counteract any “unlucky” streak you have. Or just have faith in yourself, lucky or not, you still control your destiny. You won’t be successful if you don’t work hard πŸ™‚


Blame the weight on the weather clp1306872_t

It’s cold isn’t it? and we are getting fat. (are we?) When it’s cold, our bodies need more energy to keep us warm. When we don’t have enough fat stored, we start to shiver to generate heat. Which is why most call center agents pack on the blubber when they are on the floor. The operation floor has to be cold because of all the computers running 24/7 and the agents sitting there for 8-10 hours have nothing to do but eat, eat and EAT! I’m no longer in the industry but I can imagine how cold it must be now on the floor since the weather outside is also cold.

Yesterday Baguio City, here in the Philippines, marked a temperature of 7.5 Celsius. That’s almost as cold as the US. (Although the temp in the US now is below zero) Here in Manila it dips somewhere between 17- 19C, it’s still cold especially at around 5Am. (And my son is having a hard time getting up from bed)

What to do? walk the weight off. Instead of sleeping, take a walk around the block. Or you can read Darwins post here.

Easier said than done πŸ™‚


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