Movie Martes: Yes Man & Seven Pounds

Here is another round Movie Martes, for all you movie buffs out there.This time, we have two films from two really great actors/comedians: Jim Carey and Will Smith. They were released in the US on the third week of December, if it wasn’t for the film fest, we would have seen it by now. But, is it really worth watching?

Yes Man


Yes Man is a story about a man who made a “covenant” to say “YES” to every situation presented to him. Just imagine how challenging that would be for regular folks like us, then imagine how a funny man like Carrey would pull off a feat like that…you’d be curious right? I know I was.

When I think of Jim Carey, I still think of him as the funny green-faced MASK character. I was expecting to get a lot of laughs from this movie, but somehow it didn’t really tickle me the way I hoped it would. I did laugh at some of the scenes, Jim Carrey wasn’t as crazy as the MASK here, but he was still funny…well, sort of. Is he losing his funny bone, or is the script really that bad…I think I liked him better in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Now that one was awesome!

Seven Pounds


Looks MIB-ish without the dark glasses huh? SEVEN POUNDS is a really HEAVY movie! Will Smith is amazing in his role here and he really lost a lot of weight for his character here. I don’t know why it only ranked 2nd to YES MAN when it was released last December, but I think this was a seriously good movie. It’s a movie you’d love to talk about while having coffee.

Huz pointed out that the title was probably inspired by a line in Shakespeare’s play, The Merchant of Venice: “a pound of flesh — no more, no less.” A pound of flesh is a euphemistic description for money or sacrifice, but why Seven pounds? You have to watch the movie to find out.

YES MAN is a definite NO for me :(, but SEVEN POUNDS is 🙂 worth watching!


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