For the Filipino oDesk community, telecommuting works!


When you turn on the news there are thousands losing their jobs,  small businesses are closing, and even the UK has entered recession. Here in the Philippines, Intel, the Santa-Clara, California-based chip-maker will be closing. More than two thousand Filipino’s will be losing their jobs and not even our government can do anything to stop it. Obama’s order to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility has me worried as well, because this is where my father, an overseas contract worker, is working. He is here right now in the Philippines, but I can sense his fear that there might not be a job to go back to.

Times are tough, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. I’ve always believed that in trying times like this, our inate resourcefulness and creativity will lead us out of the rut we are in. It is one of the traits Filipino’s are known for, and in the recent analysis at oDesk, it shows that the Philippine’s providers rank number one in providing the best “Value for Money”.



The Philippines and Pakistan are the top quality providers in oDesk. Aint that sweet? 🙂


I’ve been telecommuting since August 2008. I never tire of telling people how cool oDesk is. Some still don’t take it seriously. Some are curious, and some are too lazy to sign up. There are also some who give up too easily. But the data shows that there are a lot of Filipino’s now working for oDesk.

I was scared when I first created an account in oDesk. I was scared I might fail the readiness test. Fortunately,  I passed on my first try, but oDesk reassures you that the readiness test is just to help you learn and understand how oDesk works. (you can take the test again if you fail it the first time) I took the test the following day. I was overwhelmed by all the info in oDesk that I had to give myself some time for all of it to sink in. When I passed, I started taking other tests, I applied for jobs, and then I nailed one. For some it may take months, but you will eventually get one!

Wherever you are in the world, if you are in the US, India, or Europe, make the most of your time and sign up as an oDesk provider. It really works. And to all Filipino’s in oDesk…Astig talaga ang Pinoy!


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