Denny’s: Teaching the new dog some “old” tricks

I was reading on NRN- Nation’s Restaurant News about the Grand Slam Giveaway by Denny’s.


For Denny’s promotion, from 6am to 2pm, you can have Denny’s well-known breakfast meal of two eggs, two pancakes, two pieces of bacon and two links of sausage for FREE. Seriously, when you see or hear the word FREE, wouldnt you want to get some piece of the action?

I’ve been in the food service industry since I was 17. I know my way around the kitchen, dining area, and even at the back office, and this was no easy feat! Over 2 Million Americans lined up for a free meal. In our hardpressed economy, you might think it’s crazy giving away all that food, but you’re wrong! Denny’s had the foresight to know this is what customers need right now.

When everything else is looking bleak, people losing jobs, companies closing, debts piling up, you need a break from it all…something…anything that will give you hope and make you feel good. And there is nothing better than having a warm, free, grand slam meal!

Giving away free meals is not at all that new, however some would still think twice about it, especially if the company is more focused on getting profits (who isn’t?) But there is still another way to cope with our economy. And that is through TRAINING!

Restaurants, and business owners need to undergo TRAINING once again, to gain a better understanding of where they stand and how they can move forward. Training helps boost sales, improve service efficiency, boost employee morale, and increase customer satisfaction. But training is nothing if the top management doesnt offer their full support to the training goals. A training program can only do so much!

With technology, there are different ways to conduct a training program, but we always have to go back to the basics, the key elements in a successful training program: Possesing the skills to survive in this tough times, Having the know-how to do it, and developing the right attitude to get you through it all.

Tough times call for that pioneering spirit within us. Do something BOLD! Just like what the Survivor TV series has taught us: we  have to Outwit, Outplay, Outlast them all!


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