Movie Martes: Australia and my recent fave tv series

I remember back in high school how I was so crazy about historical romances and would often raid the local bookstores for a good ole cowboy love story. Imagine my surprise when I saw Australia. I was immediately swept away by the story, the setting, and Hugh Jackman’s sex appeal.

I make it a point not to tell my readers how the movie goes. All I can say is that I enjoyed this film because I like Nicole Kidman (she’s really an amazing actress!), there are quite a lot of funny scenes in the film, there is “magic”, adventure, and of course “love” all rolled up in one storybook-like film. If you haven’t seen it, do watch it! Huz said he wouldnt watch the film with me, but he did. And I think he liked it (or maybe he just liked seeing me all teary-eyed).


I would also like to give some airtime to one of the TV series that I just absolutely am going “crazy” for.



Catchy title, and an insanely curious plot. United States of Tara is a story about a mom with multiple personalities or what they refer to now as DID- Dissociative Identity Disorder. When the main character Tara (Toni Collete) decides to live a normal life without medication, all the personalities suddenly come forward to “help” Tara deal with stressful situations in her family.


I just admire Toni Collete for her role in this series! She is really amazing! What makes this work for me is because I can relate to her! As all mothers know, most of the time we also put on different hats/ personalites at work, with family, with friends, or with our husbands or partners. We juggle these different responsibilities, and most of the time we are often misunderstood.

Watching Tara reminds me I’m not the only one going crazy with all this wife-mommy-daughter stuff I have to deal with. My crazy friend Boots told me about this show and I’m glad she did! We haven’t seen each other in YEARS, but we still keep in touch through chat/emails/ and our crazy love for stuff like this.


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