What’s wrong with sharing?

Remember when we were kids and we were told to share what we have with our brother or sister, or to share our toys with the other kids in the playground? It was all so simple then. But as we get older, the act of “sharing” would most likely put you behind bars…now why did they have to teach us to “share” in the first place?


My nephew and I are crazy about the Backyardigans...Arrrr!

When did the sharing become stealing?

A friend bought this great CD of Lily Allen, and started raving about how cool the album is. So she emails everyone to try out the CD and passes the CD around to some of us who are not really into Lily Allen. We realize we like her songs, “Hey, she’s not that bad!” and we become fans of Lily Allen. Soon the people around us get curious about who Lily Allen is, so we pass on the CD. They love it, some  even bought copies of their own. CD’s are bought and passed around. You can bet that if Lily Allen holds a concert in our town, she’d be surprised by all the fans from this side of the globe.

If anyone should be to blame with The Pirate Bay’s trial, it should be all the 22 Million people who are “sharing” their files to the world. Do they gain anything from “sharing”? Yes, a lot of grateful downloaders.

It sucks if you’re on the other end. If you feel that all this file sharing is bad for your business. It may seem bad at first, but if you think about it, wouldn’t you want people from the other side of the world know more about your work? And don’t you feel proud that a million people are interested in downloading the stuff you made?

The internet is one of the greatest tool we have right now. If I was a movie producer, or record company, I would try to market downloadable movies/songs on their website! Make it readily available and “affordable” for us consumers and we’d be happy to buy the products from you.

For me, people “share” because:

  • they like the product and want other people to knowabout this great “discovery”
  • they have friends who have “shared” with them before and want to give something back
  • they are a genius at what they do and likes to flaunt it
  • they want recognition
  • it makes them feel important – getting 200 comments from people around the world, each one saying “thank you,” is more than the average thank you a regular joe gets from work or at home
  • They are Robin Hood -steals from the rich and gives to the poor
  • It’s cool to share!

Sharing on the web is more dynamic than anyone can imagine. It’s like a Chocolate Chip Recipe that is passed around and chef’s fight over for copyrights. There are a lot of people who have already created their own world on the internet, who know their way around and could probably be sailing on a pirate ship of their own. Arrrr!

Piracy for me is bad when you download stuff and sell what you’ve downloaded to other people. But, I dont think its bad if its just for your personal use. It’s like a supermarket food sampling for me. When I like it, I’ll buy it. And some of the files shared are only available for like one or two weeks. They are not as easily available like some would imagine.

It’s not my intention to step on anybody’s toes here. I’m just letting you know my opinion on file sharing. File sharing happens in and outside the internet. Anyone who carries around a USB flash drive can easily rip a copy of a song, software, game or movie with them.


One thought on “What’s wrong with sharing?

  1. I do some downloading, but not as much as some people I know. I agree with you here (and with your Pirate Bay post – I use TPB from time to time, but I prefer Demonoid, but I digress). I listen to a lot of music, but before I was able to download I bought very little since CDs seemed risky to me – if I didn’t like the band I’d be stuck, right? Since being able to download I’ve discovered so much new new, fantastic music – and I purchase way more CDs and other products now as a result. I’ve bought more CDs and DVDs in the past year than I have in a long, long time.

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