The Flying Cockroach


“Im a butterfly…a beautiful, brown butterfly”

– a confused cockroach

It really makes me crazy when seemingly flightless insects suddenly spread their wings and fly!

Nothing creeps me out than cockroaches doing their crazy aerial somersaults. On hot humid nights, they seem to come flying out of nowhere, and the freaky thing is, they almost “always” seem to be heading straight for me!!!

I used to scream whenever a cockroach come skittering past my feet, and then I learned how to roll up a newspaper or take out my flip-flops and start whacking them away! It drives me mad when I whack a cockroach and they “miraculously” survive, I get this sinking feeling that it’s going to take revenge on me, and come crawling on my bed. It happened before, and it was the scariest, hair-raising experience imaginable! A cockroach crawling up your arm…eew!

Once when we were in Cebu, I was suddenly jolted awake by the sound of something skittering up the headboard. The room was dark and I couldn’t see a thing, but I knew from the frantic beating of my heart that it could only be a cockroach! I hid under the sheets, leaving my husband exposed (he doesnt like sleeping under the covers) to any onslaught from our “visitor”. He was sleeping in his boxers, lying face down on the pillow. I listened and waited for the cockroach to move.

I heard it’s insect wings fluttering, and heard it land on my husbands back. Suddenly my husband was up and swearing, and scurrying out of bed to reach for the lights. He was like a bear who woke up from hibernation! And me? I was laughing like crazy under the sheets.

The scared cockroach started flying all around the room, with Huz hot on its tail with his rubber slippers. Whack-whack-whack! He kept whacking, and the little bug kept flying over our heads! It was hilarious!

I could never understand why cockroaches have to fly around. It’s just crazy!


2 thoughts on “The Flying Cockroach

  1. It’s 2:30am here in Marikina and I came on to Google just to know if cockroaches take revenge in your sleep…cuz I managed to hit three with my air gun and I successfully killed the two with a use of alcohol and my mum’s rubber shoe. Your blog didn’t help but I feel compelled to drop a reply. Your story is entertaining, really. Umm…I think cockroaches fly around to show other roaches that they’re ready for sex. That’s what I heard. Noticed that the ones flying are big? That’s cuz they’re adults and ready for stinky lovin.

  2. Came over from a link on my own post abt them ‘roaches. I also hide under the sheets when I can, and leave whoever else is in the room to bear the brunt. 😛

    Read Tammy’s comment above. Ewwwwwwww…. the ‘roach race needs to be killed, not propagated. 😀

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