On Raising Men and 300

I want to let you in about my little obsession, it’s the movie “300”. I must have watched it a hundred times already (It’s also currently playing on HBO this April) and I can even say out the lines along with them. Who wouldn’t be mesmerized with 300 almost naked, rippled, six-pack men running, shouting and brandishing their long swords? I guess if you have a body as awesome as that, why would you want to hide it under robes, right? (Hee!)


Another reason why I am so fascinated with this movie is because it “somehow” tells me how to raise my son. My son is 10 years old. He’s a sweetheart, but being an only child, I fear I’ve been too soft on him. I’m big on hugs, and at night before going to bed, my son and I like to talk, tell stories, and tickle each other until he gives up.

Watching King Leonidas in 300, I feel a little guilty that perhaps I should have raised him differently. But what do I know about raising men? When Huz is too busy to spend time with him, what’s a mom to do to help his little boy grow up as a man?

Last night my son said to me that when he grows up he doesnt want to get married so he could stay close to me. I know kids can easily change their minds, but I felt a slight prick of fear when he said that, afraid that he might really be serious.

I almost wish I could send him off to a “Sparta Summer Camp” to toughen him up a little. He’s a great kid, too much of a mommy’s boy though 🙂



2 thoughts on “On Raising Men and 300

  1. I would highly reccomend a good martial arts regimen. I was raised by my single mother and was very apprehensive as a young man. Everything changed for me when I was introduced to wing chun style kung-fu. It was integral in self confidence and self respect. Try to find a less commercial school with an instructor who is present and not dependant on senior students to run the classes. Your son will definately benefit from the physical activity and interaction with other kids.

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