The Bacon Wars


Pig Warrior by Roy Thijssen

Man eats pig, pig gets slaughtered, pig plans to poison man, pig gets foot and mouth disease, man continues to kill pig, pig gets the flu, pig finds a way to infect man, pig kills man, man kills pig…again.

It’s a vicious cycle, we CONSUME too much and almost always nature strikes back! It’s not surprising that because of our over consumption, the feeds, growth boosters, and all the stuff they inject or feed these pigs are causing their piggy genes to go haywire!

And because we EAT a lot of these pigs, maybe we have gradually become PIGS ourselves that is why we are so susceptible to this virus!


good lord, would you look at that face!

The pigs are fighting back, it’s time for us to fight them with some good ‘ol veggies and fruits! Maybe this will start a new food revolution!!!


Dont you just love that cartoon? It was made by Roy Thijssen and you can find his wonderful creations here: drop him a visit okay?


One thought on “The Bacon Wars

  1. My thoughts exactly. I am a vegetarian and I really don’t care who eats meat; not my business. But I do see an irony here.

    And there would be a terribly unjust irony if I myself were infected. Hey pigs! I’m the one that wants them to leave you alone!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my Remarks blog. Glad to have you anytime!

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