International Food Blogger Conference Live Feed

Just found out that Foodista is doing a live feed of the International Food Blogger Conference! This one of a kind event will gather the food community: from food bloggers, chef’s, book publishers… almost everyone and anyone whose interests lie in food, writing, and technology!

I am so glad that they will have a live feed of the conference because I wasn’t able to get any ticket. The event was sold out in two weeks after they announced it! What with all the awesome sponsors of this event…i can just imagine the goodie bags they’ll be taking home 🙂

Way to go Foodista!

You can find the live feed here->

and you can read more about the article released by Marketwire on the event here ->


5 thoughts on “International Food Blogger Conference Live Feed

  1. Hi Alisa!
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog 🙂 Comments always encourage your to follow writing, despite the lack of time and the stress of the school.
    I am happy you like the pictures I do ^_^ I have a quite old camera with just 3 megapixels, so it’s an achievement for me to do good shots xD

    I added the Foodista hummus widget to the post. I didn’t know before about the the site, and I think it’s a great idea =D

    I would like to go to some Food Blogger Conference, or meeting someday…

  2. Hi Alisa, thanks for the comment!

    I’m adding the Foodista widget right now on my blog, it’s amazing having new readers (I’m adding your blog and starting to following you on twitter too!)

    Cheers ;o)

  3. If you have never tried to do a green smoothie, I really recommend your to try it =)
    At the beginning it’s diffucult to believe that it won’t taste like spinach and lettuce, but the result is surprising! Garnishing it with non blended fruit and nuts make it even better. Sometimes I also add a little bit of tahini on the top, avocado pieces, chocolate or even peanut butter.
    Have a nice weekend! ^^

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