Food on my mind

I looked at the calendar today and was confused…what the…its July already?

OMG, just 5 more months and it will be Christmas! Five months!!! Christmas in Five Months!

Okay, calm down, half a year has passed, and I still haven’t done anything exciting for myself…*sigh* now I’m depressed. When I’m depressed i think of food…food makes me happy…think happy thoughts…think food!

Now these babies would be perfect for the fourth of July…some good ole barbecue ribs
Barbecued Baby Back Ribs on Foodista

If there was a salad that I love eating it’s this when I was pregnant with Gabby, I had this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Caesar Salad on Foodista

It’s not food, but these hot humid nights make me want to drink gallons and gallons of this

Limoncello on Foodista

These wouldnt hurt too

Honey Baked Chicken Wings on Foodista

Nom nom nom…happy thoughts 🙂


2 thoughts on “Food on my mind

  1. Thank you Thumbbook for visiting and of course for the suggestion… I have added the widget.The barbecued ribs look yum. Also adding you to my blogroll. Happy cooking!

  2. hey ali i think of food too all the time! thanks for encouraging me to blog my lunch masterpieces …i’d probably do tjust that in a few days time. you’ve got a great blog going here. i miss you, gab, and ron. see you all soon!


    guess who? hehe

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