Historical Sunday

Allow me to veer away from my foodie posts and share with you what I discovered today. Aside from my love of food, I love “old” things. I love old houses, museums, antique shops, anything that carries with it a sense of history. Back when I was in school, I love my history lessons (although I’m not crazy about memorizing dates). This became one of my passion, discovering history, which was why I traveled and stayed in Cebu…to discover our history in the Queen City of the South.

I came across an awesome video in youtube about what Manila was like before the start of World War II – Andre dela Varre’s “The Screen Traveler”. This film was taken during the 1938. I’ve only seen pictures of old Manila, but never a movie about what it was like back then.

There are other old films from De la Varre from all over the world.


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