Ahoy landlubbers!

harborscope logo lores

Just want to spread the word about the Philippine’s Maritime Newspaper- Harborscope.

Harborscope’s been in the industry for almost a year now, carrying news about the Maritime Industry in the Philippines and abroad. Though the printed copy is available in some news stands in Manila, you can also view and download your copy on this link – http://issuu.com/harborscope/docs/harborscopev2n5

It’s quite surprising that we only have a handful of newspapers like this in the industry, considering that the Philippines is a country made up of 7,100 islands and our history is rich with stories of navigation and trade.

My great grandfather (according to the stories from my father) traveled from China to the Philipines on a two-masted Chinese junk ship.


And when he lived here, he became a merchant and traveled to different places on his riverboat. He was one of the early maritime entrepreneurs in the Philippines.


It isn’t surprising why I like knowing what’s going on in their industry, esp when the pirates in Somali was all over the news. But Harborscope gives good news and I hope they can churn out more stories too.


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