Balancing work and social networks

Working at home has it’s usual distractions: the mailman, dogs barking, house chores. But when I’m on my desk and start to “work”, I instinctively pull up facebook and twitter and “bam”… I lose my concentration.


I love it when I get tweets about cool links, or some juicy news about celebrities…even mundane questions like “what are you eating for lunch” has got me scrambling to tweet the delicious recipe I found at Foodista. And facebook…oh dont get me started with how I’m so hooked on facebook. For months I played Mafia Wars and have ventured out to not-so-violent games like Farmville and Buddy Barn…then I got so pissed at all the stealing in Buddy Barn that I killed my account there! So there is just Farmville and Mafia Wars…and then there are all these invitation to join different causes, some are political, some about charity, some about animals, the environment etc…I feel guilty when I click the ignore tab…I mean, I feel for these causes but my personal advocacy has always been with women and children. And so, I have to decline some of these causes and unload my guilt by taking out some weeds from my neighbors farm in Farmville..and did you know you can also get ribbons in Farmville now!

Now going back to Twitter, I read in Mashable that tweets come mostly from people in the 25 – 55 age bracket…that means office workers, yuppies, or dads and moms  like me tweet more than teenagers. I know a lot of teenagers tweet, but I know they do most of this on their phones…and I think they text more than they actually tweet…esp if they dont want their moms or dads to know what they’ve been up to. And my guess at why most tweets come from this age bracket is because at work, people like me could pretend we are actually working…busy typing reports and stuff, when actually, we are sending tweets to our girlfriends. Good thing my work also requires sending out tweets to encourage more traffic to our website.

Twitter like any product, has its good and bad points. Do you have more than one twitter account? If you tweet a lot, I guess you should have a public account and a private one too. Imagine what it would be like if suddenly you tweet: “work sucks”, forgetting that your boss or a friend who knows your boss is following you. that’s goodbye promotion to you.

It’s a great tool, if we know how to use it well. Use it to build credibility, put your best “tweet” all the time instead of typing in some mundane things like “im bored”, or “im thinking of having beer”…


One thought on “Balancing work and social networks

  1. Hey! Great post! Thankfully, I only have one twitter account so I shouldn’t get too mixed up, haha.

    Thank you for your comments on my blog. I am so glad you enjoyed reading through my posts. 😀 I think I correctly added the foodista widget to one of my posts, so I should be set. Thank you!!

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