Watching movies for free

When Sunday comes along all I want to do is just relax, put my feet up, and drink some ice cold martini while Huz is busy firing up the grill…ahhh that’s life!

But what actually happens on a Sunday is cleaning the house, planning and scheduling next week’s work, going to church and getting the laundry done…*sigh* if there is one thing permanent in every household it’s laundry! Don’t you just wish we had self-cleaning clothes?

Now when all the work is done. We do relax. Sometimes it means going on a road trip, especially when the weather is nice and sunny. Or, we just lie in bed and watch some movies online for Freeeeee!

Thanks to my twitter friends I discovered this site where I can watch some really great films. I’d like to share the sites with you.

First is

I’ve been on since March 2009. I can keep abreast of what’s happening in NY by watching the local TV channels there. I can get a preview of the coolest video games as the players broadcast their game. I can watch movies, stand up comedians, and documentary films too. Just last night, I watched GI Joe…although I didn’t enjoy it as much because I didnt like GI Joe when I was young…it’s a girl thing.

The other site I go to is

You can watch the latest movies here and they have a great selection of documentary films too! Last night I watched the Orphan and it really scared the beejeezus out of me! It’s one of the best scary films I watched in a long time! I also watched the documentary of BBC called Meerkat and it was so wonderful! The children would love it! Timone from Disney’s Lion King is a meerkat and I love him!


I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. And while you’re watching a movie at home, here’s a drink I’d like to share to all of you. Cheers to Summer!

Limoncello Martini on Foodista


2 thoughts on “Watching movies for free

  1. Actually, I stopped watching TV because of sites like this and P2P software (although I know it’s illegal =S) Nevertheless, I hardly ever watch TV, and when I do I don’t want to spend half hour watching commercials. It’s one of the reasons why I like Internet: you can watch your favorite series when you want (and can), without the annoying pauses >.<

    By the way, I hate Sundays. I think it's even worse than Mondays, because as you have said, you always have something to do (proctrastination is a bad thing xD)

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