Christmas Countdown

Photo by jspad on Flickr

Can you believe it? Just a few more days…36 days to be exact, and it’s Christmas!!!

I love Christmas because it’s cooler here in the tropics. I look forward to the “Simbang Gabi” or Midnight Novena Mass we have before Christmas. I love that friends and family members who work abroad come home for reunions.

After being hit with the flood though, and with oil prices and goods sky rocketing this holiday season. I feel it would be better if we celebrated this Christmas with less spending on decorations and think more about sharing what we have to kids or families who are still trying to recover from the flood. I feel it is our responsibility, for those of us who can give, to really help out the people around us who need it the most.

Back when my husband and I were renting a small room in Cebu, our Christmas feast consisted of a homemade ham I made myself, Filipino-style spaghetti my husband made, a nice bottle of wine, cheese, a big chocolate bar and a can filled with chocolate chip cookies. And this was cooked using a small rice cooker and a small electric stove. Cooking inside the room wasn’t allowed, and it was good that the people in the next room wasn’t there when we were making these 🙂 It was a simple feast but we loved it because we made it ourselves.

This Christmas would be our first Christmas in our house. We already have a Christmas tree with only some lights as decorations. A Santa poster hangs outside our door, and my son and I made a red Christmas stocking to hang on the stairs. (Since we have no chimney) I have to make two more for me and my husband.

Christmas doesn’t have to be too expensive. What is important is being grateful for what you have and passing the love around.

Spaghetti on Foodista

Baked Ham on Foodista

Red Wine on Foodista


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