Mac and Me

Photo by Andrea Vascellari on Flickr

Guess what fell off the tree? Huz came home the other day with a big white box strapped on his motorcycle. He had swapped his  sleek black laptop for a pre-loved white mac book. I eyed it suspiciously. I generally dislike gadgets or things that I didn’t buy. It looked okay, but I hated that it didn’t have a laptop bag that went along with it. When we got our laptop, it came along with a sturdy bag that I would often lug around to the mall when we didn’t have internet at home. Now this one just sat there on the table…a dull boring white piece of equipment. And it didnt help that Huz was all excited about it that he didn’t even kiss me when he got home…hmp!

I didn’t want to use it, sure I liked taking crazy pictures on it at first, but after a while I got tired of it and went back to my trusty PC. Huz wanted me to try it out, but I refused. ..until I gave it a go last night.

I didn’t like that it doesn’t have the office applications I was used to. The desktop was confusing and I had to google how to shut the thing off (lol). The keyboard felt weird and my shortcuts to copy and paste is now command-c and not control-c. I felt uneasy not knowing how to navigate through it, and more than once I kept looking down for the time but had to look up at the top of the screen since the taskbar was on top.

I spent one-two-three hours doing my work on it, then I lost track of time. It became easier to handle when I grew familiar with some of the commands and it was fun!

Photo by Fintan on Flickr

I liked that it had no games installed so I could concentrate on work. I liked clicking the middle mouse to show all the applications I had open…and I like that  could force quit firefox (oh and happy birthday firefox!) when it freezes in the middle of my work. It’s fast and before I knew it I was in love.

I still have a lot to learn about how to use it. I don’t know how much a pre-loved mac book costs but I know it’s expensive. Don’t ask me how he got it or what he had to do to get this, but I know he didn’t shell out any cash for this. Someone up there must really like Huz for him to get this.

Huz had been pining for a mac since he started working at his present job. They use iMacs at work which is cool for a design company. But because it is expensive all we could do before was just drool when we pass by the apple store.  The closest I had to to an apple product was when my Papa gave me a shuffle 2-3 years ago and that I didn’t get to use much. My sister has an iTouch my Papa gave to her (I still cant believe that she had one and I didn’t get any), so I have resigned myself to believe that an apple product is way out of my league…it still is, I’m just grateful this came our way.

We have already named this Mac as “puti”  (poo-ti) which means white in Filipino. This is definitely something to be thankful for. Hard work and patience really does seem to pay off.

I wonder how hard it would be to really switch over to Mac…I’m still using my PC…I still love it, but I think Mac and I are going to be great friends 🙂


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