Videoke:the torture machine

This is the ultimate torture machine of the 21st century.

photo by

Look at the four monsterous sub-woofers. These serve to amplify a cacophony disguised as singing and can definitely induce a migrain produced by the bass of this torturous device. It used to proliferate bars, or entertainment areas, but thanks to the enterprising pinoys who mass produced them,  videoke machines  are bigger and louder! The lack of regulation by the city government enabled the happy patrons of bars and videoke halls bring one home. No subdivision or residential area is spared from the onslaught of these videokes.

I love singing too. I used to sing in a choral group and although I maybe a little rusty, I can still sing in tune. But I’ve always been careful that I do not disturb anyone if I do belt out songs by Regine Velasquez, or sing along to the tunes of RENT or WICKED. What I cant understand is why there are people who know that they sound awful, still have the nerve to let the whole neighborhood know how much their voices suck?

I was in tears the other day because I couldn’t get any work done with all the jarring noise outside. As much as I want to  complain to the authorities about this, I do not want to cause any trouble since we are only renting here, and it is our landlord who happily bought this godforsaken machine. My husband and I are even driven to think about saving up for a house up in the mountains of Montalban, but a part of me is saying we cannot always run away from our problem…you see even when we were in Cebu, there was a videoke machine right next to our room. This videoke machine was one of the challenges we faced in our relationship. I have always been the one willing to bear it all, but my husband would always get into a fit whenever the machine was in full swing. We solved our problem then by going out for a walk. By the time we got home, all is quiet again and we had a fun stroll in Ayala or SM Cebu.

Since we cannot afford to buy a house yet, I made a quick research about how to sound proof our house/room. All I needed was foam, cloth, and thick curtains to absorb the noise coming from outside…nice 🙂 I still have to plan how we can accomplish this but it’s better than just running away.

I recommend every home to have a sound-proof room. A place where you can rest or where you can make as much noise as you want without disturbing the neighbors. If you are renting a room or studio, think about sound-proofing your bedroom too so you can have some peace and quiet.

If you know some great how-to instructions about installing foam or sound barriers in a rented apartment, do let me know. I will try to share some of the results in my quest to a noise-free house/room too 🙂


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