Happy Birthday Foodista

Virtual balloons for Foodista! Yey!

Thumbbook lovingly dedicates the whole month of December to one of it’s favorite site on the web: Foodista. It started out as a simple food blog that I would occasionally visit to get some meal ideas, then right before my eyes, it grew, gained more followers, then launched into an online food encyclopedia.

More than once, I come across a spice like “devil’s dung” that I never heard of before, or how about a technique called supreming? This is where Foodista comes in handy. By searching for a recipe, ingredient or technique, you will be directed to a page where you can find a wikipedia entry, and links to food blogs as reference.

Investing in cookbooks are great but it can be expensive, and we all know not everyone follows what is in the recipe. Foodista and the different links they have in their list of blogs who have made a recipe like it is very helpful in giving me an idea of how it is prepared and what to do differently. I can say I’ve learned more about food thanks to this site.

Foodista has indeed come a long way. The International Food Blogger Conference, Night School and FoodSnap, are just some of the events launched in 2009. This is quite a feat considering Foodista.com only launched last December 17, 2008. It’s been one great year Foodista and Ronald, Gabby and I are really looking forward to more milestones, delicious food, and foodie events to come.


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