Donald Trump’s daughter uses Foodista

A little bird tweeted a couple of hours ago that Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, shared a delicious recipe she made for dinner tonight. When I checked her tweet, it turns out the recipe, Cilantro and Garlic Stuffed Chicken Breast was shared by Foodista’s very own founder and VP Editorial Sheri Wetherell.

Ivanka's post and the recipe she made

Ivanka Trump-Kushner is one hellava businesswoman. She’s classy and smart and likes to cook too!

What I like about this story is knowing she took a peek at the recipes in Foodista, and tried the recipe herself. When I got married I didnt know much about cooking. That was before I found Foodista and discovered the wide network of bloggers who share, modify, and give testimonials about how delicious a recipe is. Surely a smart, beautiful woman like her, who knows, values, and strives for quality and excellence in everything she does, can tell a great food site and recipe right? And her saying the recipe was delicious, really makes you want to go out and make the dish yourself.

I think you would like this recipe. It’s easy to make and delicious…and you can imagine you’re having the same dinner  Ivanka Trump is having  🙂

Cilantro and Garlic Stuffed Chicken Breasts on Foodista

You can find some interesting stories of her and a smattering of her fave recipes on the internet and on her blog as well


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