Romance in February

Everyone wants to spice up Valentine’s day. Honestly, Valentines day is so overrated. Everyone can express their love any day of the year right? But when it finally came around and I was watching all the lovestory flicks on TV and all the wonderful bouquet of roses the ladies on TV were cradling in their arms…I sulked and wanted to celebrate the day too.

So my husband took us out to have dinner at Eastwood City Libis. We didnt get to watch the concert or the fireworks, but we had fun at the open park, and watching the fountain dance to Gwen Stefani’s Sweet Escape

We had a wonderful dinner of pepperoni pizza, tortilla soup, charlie chan noodles, and a yummy blueberry cheesecake.

My husband was eyeing some roses when we got to Eastwood, but I told him “No Flowers”. I love flowers but I’d rather see them alive in a pot or garden than cut up and be thrown out in a few days. I’d love a bouquet of asparagus though 🙂

Photo by me and the sysop of Flickr

I love the tortilla soup but, it was too spicy for me. I was too full to eat it so I brought it home and ate it with a bag of chips…yum! I searched Foodista for a recipe and was glad to find one. I’m making this again. It definitely added some spice to my Valentine weekend. Thank you Mahal for a lovely dinner!

Tortilla Soup


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