Its ED’s Week! Time for you to learn more about it.

Just a quick post for y’all.

photo by k.Akagami of Flickr

February 21-28, 2010 marks the National Eating Disorder Week. Eating Disorders or ED is one nasty devil. Teenagers, especially girls, fall prey to it. Although I wouldn’t say I had a problem with ED, but I did once starve myself when I was in highschool just so I could fit into the clothes I like. When I realized how silly it was, I just took up a running to burn the baby fat off.

It’s not easy when you have ED whispering how fat your legs are. But there is a way to fight it. You can eat healthy foods, stay away from soda’s and sweets, exercise, and learn to love yourself.

And for the parents out there…you should be on the guard if ED is sending evil thoughts to your child.

for more info about ED visit this site

You can fight ED!


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