Try defying gravity

I’m so in love with this song when I first heard it from Glee. The song was from the much loved play Wicked. I love this song because it teaches us how to break away from the limits set by the people or situation happening around us. I was listening to this song after watching a rerun of Glee’s “wheels” episode, when I suddenly thought about someone very special…”H”

photo by Gian Cayetano of Flickr

“H” is in the hospital right now, and had been getting treatments for cancer for years now. But lately her condition is getting worse and today I received word that she has been thanking everyone who had prayed and visited her. “H” and I never had a chance to get close since I’ve been away most of the time, but I had always been grateful to her for treating my son like one of her own.

“H” is a fighter, and listening to this song made me think about her and about other cancer patients like her. We don’t know how long God will allow us to be with her, but I am constantly praying for her and hope she would find peace.

Most of the people I know have battled cancer in one way or another, and it is never easy. We always ask “why” it had to happen to them. But in the end, all we could do is console each other, and try to make the most of the days we have left in this world. Its never too late to make something out of our life…its never too late to try and defy all the limits set upon us. To be limitless…unlimited! Defy the things that are pulling us down…defy gravity!

image by TuTuWon of Flickr

It’s time to try… Defying gravity.  I think I’ll try… Defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye… I am defying gravity
And you wont bring me down!

No one can bring you down “H” you’re one of the strongest woman I know!

I’m still praying for you!

update: “H” died on March 24, 2010. It was a very sad day and we will always miss her. Her spirit was so strong and she tried her best to fight. I know she is up there with God right now and is watching over her loved ones. Thank you “H” for everything. We will see you someday.


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