My Social Media Addiction

photo by Bekathwia of Flickr

It’s been a looong time since I last wrote on this blog. I’m still alive, albeit barely breathing. I realized my online work is indirectly proportional to my social life. The more I take on these tasks, the less time I have to shop for new clothes, or take care of my health. My only consolation is knowing we can pay the bills and buy medicine. Come to think of it, it’s rather ironic…working myself to death just so we could buy medicine…pfft!

See the photo above? Ive been so addicted to facebook and twitter lately, that I couldnt seem to start my day without logging in to these sites. I’m more of a follower, I love reading other peoples shout outs and tweets. But I know it’s really bad because Im slowly losing sight of what’s real and what is not. The more you read these tweets, watch the videos, and play these online games like farmville etc. The more you think this is all there is. And working online, working at home, I find less and less reasons to go out. I have everything I need here in front of me. Looking back, I cant even remember what I did after March…its all a blur.

Starting September I promised myself I would really make an effort to go out. Visit the local market, read and hold a real newspaper, buy bread from the local baker and get me some sun (though it’s raining a lot here). I even got myself a parakeet just so I would think of other things aside from facebook and twitter. I’ll share some of the photos and videos of my new pet in my coming posts.

I’m glad to be back blogging again!


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