Chicken to Fish

My son and I were all set to go out to the supermarket when we suddenly heard our neighbors screaming. We lived in a compound with 4 other houses and it was usually calm and peaceful during the day. We looked outside to see the landlord’s son-in-law cursing and running after chickens.

I dont know what possessed them to raise chickens in this small compound and lock them up all day inside a wooden cage, but apparently one member of the family opened the cage door a little too wide when she changed the water and all three chickens charged at her. You dont know what chaos is like until you have flying chickens jumping and diving all over the place.

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I couldn’t stop laughing. It was just too funny. The chickens clucking on the roof, head cocked to one side, staring at them with one eye. Maybe the owners were fattening them up for thanksgiving, but they sure looked feisty! Whenever someone tried to come close they flew in the other direction. After much cursing, screaming, and blaming for letting the hooligans out. They finally caught all three.

We planned to make some fried chicken before this happened, but suddenly both of us felt bad for these little guys that we bought some tilapia fillets instead. And here are some great tilapia recipes I saw from Foodista:

Pomegranate and Lemon-Herb Tilapia

Baked Tilapia

Parmesan Almond Crusted Tilapia

Tilapia Fillet With Ginger Balsamic Glaze


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