Five Things I Learned from Link Building

Blogging opened up a lot of opportunities for me. I learned how to cook from food blogs, found a new hobby with photography, enjoyed working with different social media, and found work online! I didn’t realize that it was indeed possible to work from home. It takes time though and a lot of  patience and learning to do, but over time you do get to harvest the good seeds that you sow.

As a blogger, link building didn’t matter that much to me. I wasn’t interested in making a profit out of my blog. But if someone asked to link to me, I was only happy to link back. It felt nice to know others recognize you and to feel “connected” to the rest of the web. I am not a PRO when it comes to Search Engine Marketing but I have picked up a nugget or two from some of the bloggers and SEO forums I read.

Here are some of the things I learned that helps in link building especially if you want people to find your site:

1. Submit your posts or web pages to different directory sites or bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Technorati, Reddit etc.

There are readers or followers of these sites that read through the different links. Think of it as people inside a library quickly scanning the different books or book titles on the shelves. And you can bet that catchy titles or posts always get a quick click by readers. And speaking of that

2. Make your post titles “readable” for search engines.

This is my understanding of how search engines work. Because of all the different information on the internet, I imagine search engines would find it hard to “read” through all of your post. So your best bet would be to have your title and the first few lines of your post to be optimized for search engines.

I have one post that I made more than a year ago and it is still getting a lot of comments. Songs from United States of Tara

Believe me, I didnt know much about SEO back then, all I wanted was to keep the posts simple and wrote the title in such a way that it would be an easy reference for me if I wanted to look up at some of the songs again. It was also helpful for other people, why if I searched for the songs of United States of Tara, my post is on Google’s top 3!

click on the photo to look closer

3. Make sure the sites you are linking to is relevant to your website or blog.

Birds of the same feather flock together, and the same goes with cupcake blogs, techy blogs, fashion blogs, and health/medical blogs. You want to be credible right? My blog is my catharsis, so I have different things posted and most of them are directed for my family or relatives overseas so they know what I’ve been up to lately. But for those serious in developing their talents in writing, cooking, writing reviews…it helps to stick to one theme and be known for that 🙂

4. Look for useful tools for linking.

One tool that I find very helpful in creating traffic or reference to my site is Foodista’s Blogger tools and InlineSEO’s the dofollowdiver. I use the dofollow diver to know sites where I can leave comments that would help leave links back to me, and the Foodista food widgets for my food related posts. I didnt have to post recipes, just the widgets because they have recipes there already and I do try those recipes. The great thing about these two is it helps bring traffic even if I dont blog as much.

5. Create good content

This should be the first, but I always save the best for last 🙂 All these efforts for link building will be for nothing if you do not have good content. Make sure your posts are optimized, with categories,keywords or tags properly labeled. And make sure it is relevant and easy to read. The attention span of most readers are very short and you want to keep it simple.

Once again I am not an expert, and I know there are still a lot of things I need to learn. You have the SEO professionals who can take care of that. Im just a blogger who loves to read, comment and learn new things. Link building takes time and a lot of patience, but it works!


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